Nyepi Celebrations in Bali Amid Threats From Corona Virus

Corona Virus Case Update in the World until March 31, 2020

This year’s Nyepi celebrations are different from Nyepi celebrations in previous years. Because corona virus is spreading throughout the world lately there will be some changes in the ritual this time.

The situation is not conducive

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Hindu figures in several regions in Indonesia have agreed not to perform rituals that cause crowds to gather. Lamongan Hindu figure Mr. Adi Wiyono said that this year the Ogoh-ogoh parade was abolished to avoid crowds. He also said that there was a circular related to the procedure for Nyepi prayer during the Corona virus outbreak (Covid-19).

Positive Corona Virus Patients Increase, Bali's Economy Threatened
Positive Corona Virus Patients Increase, Bali’s Economy Threatened

Adi yang juga pemangku Pura Sweta Maha Suci Desa Balun ini mengungkapkan jika kemarin umat hanya sembahyang di pura kemudian melaksanakan Nyepi di rumah masing-masing. Karena Ogoh-ogoh sudah dibuat, semua Ogoh-Ogoh itu dijadikan satu di pura dan dibakar saat tengah malam tanpa keramaian warga.

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The Nyepi Ritual is consistent

The last thing that can be done is Nyepi is celebrated by implementing Chess Brata including observing geni or not lighting a fire or cooking, observing work that is not working, observing the environment is not traveling and observing the auction to stop the activities of worldly pleasures.

Perayaan Nyepi di Bali di Tengah ancaman Virus Corona

Smooth preparation

Nyepi preparation did not encounter any obstacles even though it was in a corona pandemic. For equipment offerings are not difficult to find. According to him, there are three that must be fulfilled as the core namely flowers, water and fire / incense.

According to him, Nyepi this year is a means to be more introspective, responding to changes as well as the times, and about how to behave and behave around the family and community.

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