New Normal, FSGI Asks Office of Education and Schools to Prepare Supporting Health Facilities

New Normal, FSGI Asks Office of Education and Schools to Prepare Supporting Health Facilities

Deputy Secretary General of the Federation of Indonesian Teachers Unions (Wasekjen FSGI). Fahriza Tanjung said the need for various communications if, coordination, and data collection had been truly valid and convincing so the government opened schools when playing New Normal during July in the Green Zone.

“So FSGI asked the education office and schools to provide various health support facilities.” Fahriza said in a written statement received by According to him, schools must accept: hand sanitizer in each room, hand washing soap; multiply handwashing taps, all school members are required to wear masks. Provide PPE in the UKS / school clinic, and apply the Health Protocol strictly.

“Likewise the Ministry of Education and Culture must immediately make a Code of Conduct for the Implementation of the School Environment Introduction (MPLS) combined with the Health Protocol. According to him, this time MPLS will be very different from previous years. Fahriza said the safety and health of students and teachers who want and become want to look in the mirror from cases like in France, Finland, South Korea, and others.

“Teachers and students were positive victims of Covid-19 after the school reopened (reactivated) after the epidemic. Do not rule out this possibility can happen in Indonesia. Don’t let schools and madrasas become the newest Covid-19 distribution cluster, “quoted. Facts in the state that show the development of the 2nd Wave Covid-19 distribution. Fahriza citing the transmission of the Covid-19 wave will be very difficult for students, parents, and teachers .

The scenario of productive activities in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic such as the economic and education sectors is needed by the government. In the world of education, the government will reopen teaching and learning activities in schools and colleges.

“Not only in the economic field, but also we re-start the process of learning in schools, on campus, we must start again, we start again.” Explained Government Spokesman for COVID-19 Achmad Yurianto in Jakarta, Thursday (28) / 5).

The Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makari, discussed the decision to open the school to discuss the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19.

“We have various kinds. But of course the decision is in the Task Force, not the Ministry of Education and Culture itself,” Nadiem said. Acting Director General of Early Childhood Education, Basic and Secondary Education, Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). Hamid Muhammad said that the local government can learn to study in schools from the area has had the Covid-19 green zone by the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid Handling 19 .

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