Jasri Beach, Beach Tourism with Underwater Beauty

10 Beaches in Bali that are still Virgin. When you go on vacation to Bali. There are many beaches that are highly recommended to visit. In addition to Kuta Beach Bali there are new destinations namely Sanur Beach.

Nusa Dua Beach Bali, Pandawa Beach, Kayu Putih Beach, Jimbaran Beach, Nyang-Nyang Beach, Dreamland Beach, Green Bowl Beach. Tulamben Beach, Tj Beach Benoa, Balangan Beach, Lovina Beach, Bolong Beach, Legian Beach, Seminyak Beach and Jasri Beach.

Jasri Beach

Jasri Beach is the first choice to be used as a vacation destination. This Beach tourism location in Subagan Karangasem Bali is precisely in Jasri Village. The beach has a charm of beauty that is very interesting to visit. It is a pity if you are in the city of Karangasem Bali. But do not turn to this beach to enjoy the beauty of its beaches.

Jasri Beach

This makes the East Jasri beach often used as a place to perform Melasti religious rituals specifically for Hindus. When you are at Jasri beach in Bali, the beach area is divided into three sections. The area with different names, namely East Bali Beach, Menteng Beach and Dalem Jasri panorama. Jasri Timur Beach is the most accessible beach area.


The characteristics of Jasri beach are that it has black sand with small pebbles that lie on the coast. Although this beach is not yet popular. The panorama on this beach is no less captivating to the beaches in South Bali.

Fyi, due to the large number of abrasion cases. In order to reduce the impact of abrasion on the beach. A wave barrier made of stone is arranged neatly like a wall. The composition of the wall makes a good photo spot.

Not only the charming beach paronama, Bali Beach tour in Karangasem Bali. Subagan is arguably a beach tour that has several facilities and services including vehicle parking areas. Food stalls, bathrooms / toilets, rest areas, lodging, boat rentals, and many others. The underwater diving and snorkeling spots are very memorable to pass up.

Jasri Beach, beach tourism with underwater beauty

If you are from the center of the City of Bali and want to go to Karangasem City. You will not be confused anymore to visit the Beach Tourism location in Subagan Karangasem Bali. Because there are already a few pointers and the local community is very familiar with the beach.

Of course, what means of transportation do you use to travel to the Beach Tourism. In Subagan Karangasem Bali by using a vehicle such as a private car or motorcycle. You can also use Google Maps installed on your smartphone. It is recommended that tourists use private vehicles because it will be more fun than using public transportation.

However, if you use public transportation such as :

public buses or other transportation is also not a big problem. the article you can stop in Karangasem District. After that, continue to use a motorcycle taxi or your personal vehicle. To the village of Subagan until you reach the Jasri Beach Tourism site in the Subagan.

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