Tourism Crisis Threatens Almost Worldwide, including Bali Indonesia

Tourism Crisis Threatens Almost Worldwide, including Bali Indonesia

The weakening of the tourism industry due to the corona virus also occurs in Indonesia. Some tourist destinations such as Bali, Yogyakarta and Lombok experienced a drastic decline in visitors.

Bali is one of the destinations most affected. Foreign tourists are the number one source of income from the Island of the Gods. Moreover, tourists from China are the biggest contributors.

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In February 2020, 392,824 tourists came to Bali according to the Bali Immigration Office and this figure has fallen by 33% since January due to the corona virus. The number of Chinese tourists to Bali was drastically reduced.

In 2019, around 2 million Chinese tourists visited Bali while in February there were only around 4 thousand tourists. It is estimated that Bali will be difficult to reach the target of exceeding 2 million visitors in 2020.

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The beach looks deserted by visitors. There are only business managers who sit relaxed on the coast. Some cruise ships even decide not to dock in Bali.

In addition, the number of hotel occupants in Bali fell by 70 percent since the corona virus spread and this affected the welfare of employees. Even so, the Provincial Government of Bali has appealed to hotel and travel entrepreneurs so as not to terminate their employment (FLE).

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However, the impact of the corona virus on the economy cannot be avoided. Therefore, some hotel employees in Bali are only paid half the salary.

These cuts are needed to keep the business going but also maintain the economic needs of the employees. Some hotel management also asked their workers to take leave when it was quiet.

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