[Corona Update] Corona Virus Found Without Symptoms in China

[Corona Update] Corona Virus Found Without Symptoms in China

Based on a report from the Chinese Health Commission. There are at least an additional 130 cases without confirmed symptoms. These results were reported on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 yesterday.

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After conducting analysis and polling the Chinese government decided to conduct screening and tracing more broadly. This step is taken so that the spread of the corona virus is asymptomatic and anyone associated with them can be detected.

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This incident made some researchers confused because it was outside the results of previous studies. Previous research has said that this virus will cause symptoms such as fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and heavy breathing.

Meanwhile, Chinese people are starting to feel anxious about the surge in patients with Covid-19 without these symptoms. They argue that the distribution will be difficult to detect because the patient does not feel pain.

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Maria van Kerkhove WHO epidemiologist revealed the observation that the majority of co-19 cases were symptomatic patients. But not a few of those without symptoms.

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