Corona Case in Russia Reaches 10,000 People Per Day for 4 Days

Corona Case in Russia Reaches 10,000 People Per Day for 4 Days

The number of new cases of corona virus in Russia reached 10,559 over the past 24 hours on Wednesday (6/5). These additional cases have brought the total infection in the country of red bears to 165,929.

That means, four consecutive days the daily infection rate in Russia penetrated 10,000 cases. On Sunday (3/5), new cases of corona virus first broke through 10,000 cases, to be exact 10,633, the highest daily increase record.

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Russia’s Corona Virus Emergency Response Center reported 86 new deaths due to the corona virus on Wednesday (6/5). Thus, the total number of deaths in Russia is 1,537.

Russia, the world’s largest country by region, has been locked since President Vladimir Putin announced the closure of most public spaces at the end of March.

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Last week, Russia overtook China, Iran and Turkey in the number of confirmed corona virus cases. That means, Russia is ranked seventh in the world for the number of confirmed cases.

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