China Conducts Diplomacy which Is Considered Dangerous in the Middle of a Pandemic

China Conducts Diplomacy which Is Considered Dangerous in the Middle of a Pandemic

Beijing must reduce its aggressive efforts to change the narrative of the corona virus pandemic. Control rising nationalist sentiment because it has backfire and damaged its international reputation.

It is very rare for Chinese observers to issue warnings about their country’s tactics. Especially since China has taken an increasingly harsh tone against the United States and its Western allies in the past two years.

China Conducts Diplomacy which Is Considered Dangerous in the Middle of a Pandemic

In the past week, the French government has summoned the Chinese ambassador after the Chinese embassy posted an article advising workers in French nursing homes to leave their jobs.

In addition, racist accusations have also arisen over reports of forced eviction and persecution of Africans in Guangzhou.

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But Shi Zhan, Director of the Center for World Politics at the Chinese Foreign Relations University. Said the rise of nationalism among diplomats was very dangerous given the increasing distrust of China by Western countries.

Previously Zhao said in his tweet that if someone claimed that Chinese exports were poisonous, then stop wearing masks and PPE made in China.

“To overseas audiences, Zhao sounded like he used the supply of masks as a threat. That immediately became a security issue when masks were seen as weapons,” Shi said.

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With a threatening global recession, loss of trust and credibility is far more dangerous than weak foreign demand and loss of manufacturing orders.

He also said the comments of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian to fend off errors over the quality of masks and other Chinese medical exports were very counterproductive.

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“These types of uncontrolled statements increase distrust and confrontation will damage the Chinese manufacturing sector more than the corona virus,” Shi said.

Speaking at a seminar in Beijing, Cheng Tao, a former Chinese envoy to Mali and Morocco. Also warned that despite Beijing’s well-intentioned medical assistance. There would be strong criticism of China from around the world, including African countries.

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