Changes to Planet Earth due to Corona Virus Outbreak

Changes to Planet Earth due to Corona Virus Outbreak

Restrictions are carried out in various ways in many countries to break the chain of the spread of the corona covid-19 virus, causing fewer people to travel by car and train. Factories also stopped operating.

When billions of people do that, the way our planet moves also changes. In fact, in fact, vibrations in the Earth’s crust decrease.

This is quite extraordinary considering our planet weighs six billion trillion tons.

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The air is cleaner, the sea is calmer

This is not the only way the corona virus — by the way it affects our lives — changes the world naturally.

Satellites have detected a drop in nitrogen dioxide from polluted gases emitted by cars, trucks, buses and power plant.

Trump Dubbed ‘King of Debt’ Because US Debt Reaches Rp. 375 Quadrillion

Dramatic reduction in earthquake rates

Scientists at the Royal Observatory of Belgium were the first to notice the decline.

He said that “the ground movement at a frequency of 1-20 Hz [deeper than a double bass sound, similar to a large organ] is much lower since governments have restricted community movements”.

Change is also realized in various other places throughout the world.

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Earthquake experts in Nepal saw a decline in activity, a worker at the Paris Institute of Earth Physics said the reduction in movement in the French capital was “dramatic”, and a study at Cal Tech university in the US described the decline in Los Angeles as “very wild”.

A dramatic decrease in seismic activity in Nepal can be seen on this graph.

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The world is also quieter

Scientists who measure everyday noise in cities and those who study the depth of the ocean have seen noise pollution decrease.

Stephen Hicks, who works at Imperial College London, said the reduction in traffic on M4 – a motorway that runs between London and Wales.

“It seems quite clear that over the past few days, the noise level at dawn is much less than it has been for the past few weeks,” he wrote on Twitter.

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“I think this happened because the morning rush hour is far less – fewer people travel and no school.”

Seasonal changes

This change is not without precedent. As you know, human activities usually vary every day and year because people are less active at certain times.

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The night time is calmer than during the day and the reduction of vibrations on the earth takes place around major holidays and festivals.

But what happens around the world is a reduction in activities that last for weeks, or maybe months. This is usually only seen briefly at Christmas in predominantly Christian countries.

Clearer signal

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New seismological research does not mean that the Earth has stopped shaking completely, but the difference is not only visible to scientists, but will also benefit humans.

Human activities such as noise make it more difficult for people to listen to what the Earth is doing naturally.

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“You will get a signal with less noise, allowing you to squeeze more information from these events,” said Andy Frassetto, a seismologist on the page of the Seismological Research Institute Incorporated in Washington, as quoted by BBC News.

Some researchers can even determine exactly what causes noise reduction in their area.

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