Covid-19 Still threatens Italian and American

[Update Covid-19] 181 Pasien di Indonesia Meninggal karena Virus Corona

Italy is a country with the most corona virus victims than China. A total of 12,428 Italians have died fighting the corona virus.

Corona Declines, Temporary Hospital in Wuhan Begins to be Closed

In honor of victims the Italian government ordered separately to fly the flag half-pole followed by a moment of silence.

Wuhan Conditions Ahead of the opening of Lockdown, Upcoming April

Virginia Raggi, Mayor of Rome was present at the ceremony in the field of the Rome City Hall. in his speech he said corona had hurt the whole country. He invited the Italian people to remain strong and face the corona virus which is still a threat to this day.

Today is one month in which Italy has witnessed more deaths due to epidemics since World War II. The country of Italy alone has a population of 60 million people. In this outbreak has recorded nearly a third of all deaths caused by Covid-19 worldwide from Italy.

Wuhan Has Begun To Rise In The Middle Of a World That Is Still Fighting The Corona Virus

“Let’s get through this together,” Virginia said after reading the prayers together for the victims.

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