Corona Virus Case Update in the World until March 31, 2020

Until March 31, the increase for corona virus cases in Indonesia has increased. Diliat from the Worldometer, the number of cases in the world reached 781,485 cases. From all the data on the cases of dead patients, 37,578 people died, while 164,726 people recovered.

Corona Virus Case Update in the World until March 31, 2020

Kasus Positif Corono di Indonesia

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The number of positive cases of corona virus in Indonesia as of Monday (3/30/2020) was recorded at 1,414 cases. That number jumped with the addition of 129 patients who tested positive for the corona virus in the past 24 hours.

But of that total, as many as 75 people managed to recover from Covid-19. While the number of victims killed by this virus was recorded as many as 122 people increased by 8 people from the previous day.

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With the ever increasing case of coronation coming in every day. We must jointly fight against a virus that has claimed many lives. Even though the government has tried many ways, support from the community is also needed in this regard.

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