Corona: Taiwan Government Orders Muslims to Eid Prayers in Their Homes

Corona: Taiwan Government Orders Muslims to Eid Prayers in their Homes

The Taiwanese government has decided to cancel outdoor prayers and Eid celebrations to avoid transmission of the corona virus (Covid-19). Even though there have been no new cases added in a month.

As reported by the Taipei Times on Friday (5/22), the Taiwan Ministry of Manpower requested all mosques in the country to postpone the celebration and cancel the Eid prayers this year. They asked all Muslims to worship at their respective homes.

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The decision was welcomed by the management of the Taipei Great Mosque. This will be the first event in 60 years the mosque was established.

The Taipei Grand Mosque is usually the main destination for local Muslims to perform the Idolat prayer after a month of Ramadan fasting. According to the head of the caretaker of the Taipei Great Mosque. Wang Meng-lung, there are about 700 to 800 Muslims who often make Id prayers at the house of worship.

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Taiwan has determined that Eid fell on Sunday (5/24). The caretakers of the Taipei Grand Mosque said they could not qualify to distance the congregation when Muslims performed Id prayers indoors.

Therefore they decided to cancel the activity. Especially after Id prayers, the congregations usually stay in touch with one another and chat with each other. Then proceed with a meal together.

Most of the mosque congregations in Taiwan are migrant workers who come from Indonesia.

According to a spokesman for the One-Forty non-governmental organization that often handles foreign workers, Chou Hui-yee. The migrant workers have understood the call of the local government not to gather during Idulfitri. He said they planned to pray at the residence and contact the family at home with their cellphones.

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The Taiwanese government claims to have contacted the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to ask the Indonesian citizens who work there not to travel during Idulfitri.

However, there are some people who plan to meet their colleagues and friends in Taiwan, and promise to avoid the crowd.

Taiwan is one of the countries that is considered successful in curbing the spread of the corona virus by not applying a regional lockdown.

They tightened restrictions on community activities and increased and accelerated the examination of the corona virus to all local and foreign residents.

The Taiwan government also intervened directly regulating the supply of medical device such as masks and medicines so that the amount was maintained and there was no price increase.

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