Chinese Postgraduate Students Refused to Study at American Universities

Chinese Postgraduate Students Refused to Study at American Universities

In the midst of an increasingly heated US-China conflict, US President Donald Trump said on Friday (29/5) he would remove some of Hong Kong’s privileges because China was strengthening control over Hong Kong.

The United States and Britain also expressed concern at the UN Security Council over the controversial new law for Hong Kong. This concern angered China, who argued the discussion should not be discussed in the world body.

“I direct my government to begin the process of abolishing policies that give different and special treatment to Hong Kong,” Trump said.

Reporting from AFP, Trump attacked China for its treatment of Hong Kong, a region that was a former British colony. Trump also said China’s treatment undermined pride in a region that had long existed.

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“This is a tragedy for Hong Kong people, Chinese people and of course people in the world,” Trump said.

Trump also said he ended US relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), which Trump accuses of being pro-China in managing the Covid-19 crisis.

On the other hand, Trump avoids any personal criticism of President Xi Jinping, given that Trump claims to have friendly relations despite the two countries’ various problems between countries.

“This [abolition of privilege] will affect a variety of agreements, from our extradition treaty to our export controls on dual use technology, and more, with a few exceptions,” he said.

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Furthermore, Trump also banned Chinese graduate students from studying in all universities in the United States.

Trump said he would issue a policy to block the entry of Chinese students into the United States that were identified as threatening security.

“Over the years, the Chinese government has been conducting espionage to steal our industrial secrets, which are numerous,” Trump said.

China has contributed the largest proportion of foreign students to the United States over the past decade. In the academic year 2018-2019 there were nearly 370 thousand Chinese in all US universities.

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