April, 10 more cases of Corona Virus in Bali Indonesia

April, 10 more cases of Corona Virus in Bali Indonesia

Positive cases of COVID-19 in Bali are more “imported” from abroad or from infected areas outside Bali.

Therefore, Chair of Commission IV of the Bali DPRD I Gusti Putu Budiartha asked the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 to further intensify the rapid test at the entrances of Bali.

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Of the 10 new addition cases, all are Indonesian citizens (WNI). They are 7 Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) who have a history of overseas travel, 2 local transmitters, and 1 infected person from the affected area.

Of all the positive cases, 105 people are still being treated in referral hospitals spread across Bali and in quarantine sites managed by the provincial government.

Cases of positive COVID-19 patients in Bali are still dominated by imported cases.

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Budiartha added that most of the cases of imports from abroad were brought by Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI). Those who return to Bali must still be well received and not be denied.

However, PMIs are also required to discipline quarantine. On the other hand, the Governor as Chairman of the Provincial Task Force was also asked to pay attention to those who came from outside Bali.

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“Our hope is that the Provincial Government of Bali will coordinate well with other Provincial Governments.

So that those who live outside of Bali should not travel and those in Bali, too. We don’t need to go out first, “he explained.

Whether it’s Ngurah Rai Airport, or crossing ports. “Perform a rapid test, and the second must also be quarantined 14 days. This must be, “he said met at the Council Building, Monday (4/20).

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