6 New Normal Policies that Will Be Implemented by World Hotels

6 New Normal Policies that Will Be Implemented by World Hotels

Although it has not completely disappeared, several business sectors in the world have suggested implementing new normal policies, including hotels.

As one of the businesses that had to swallow the bitter pill for the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 viru. Hotels began to clean up to re-open their doors while still paying attention to the safety of guests and workers.

Citing the Lonely Planet page, Thursday, May 28, 2020. Following a series of new normal predictions that will be applied in hotels.

New Normal, a New Row of Habits in the World of Work

Cleanliness standards

Cleanliness of the hotel is said to be one of the crucial factors that determine guests want to stay or vice versa. Therefore, cleanliness standards with thorough cleaning are said to be carried out.

Enforcement includes rooms, meeting rooms and public spaces within the property. In order to achieve these expectations, the American Hotel and Lodging Association has even released a program called Safe Stay to develop best practices in the industry.

Under the new Hilton Clean Stay program, hotel rooms will even be locked temporarily after guests check-out to do a thorough cleaning. Extra cleaning is also done in places that are often held, including light switches, door handles, TV remotes, and thermostats

Although Japan has started New Normal, Duterte will not allow schools to open until there is a vaccine

food service

Breakfast buffets are said to be almost non-existent during a pandemic. Article, implementing social distancing is almost impossible in these activities, and the risk is too great because it will gather a large number of guests.

Serving food individually or only taking it back to the room is said to be a new protocol. Food and drinks in the room’s mini bar are said to be eliminated because they are too risky to spread the virus.

Food delivered to the room will be left outside the door to be taken by the guest.

Japanese Conditions After Corona Emergency Unplacement and New Normal Enforce

Improving Other Facilities at the Hotel

Relax in the pool or use a fitness facility will also follow the new protocol in implementation. The use of fitness facilities will be scheduled according to the room number so that you cannot come at any time.

This is also the case with all sports equipment cleaned thoroughly after one person uses.

Also, poolside chairs will be at least 1.5 meters apart from each other. According to the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group, swimming pools should be safe as long as they are thoroughly cleaned.

Then, the application of social distancing will still apply in swimming pools and changing rooms.

Underwent New Normal in New Zealand after Lockdown

Check-in process

For hotels that do not implement self check-in, the change is to establish a safe distance during the process with the front desk partition and there is a hand sanitizer there. Some hotels will also check body temperature before entering.

“Our employees will also go through the same process (checking body temperature),” said a representation of Millennium Hotels.

Will Be More Minimalist

While some guests like the touch of luxury in a hotel room, it looks like minimalism will be a new face here. With fewer items, the disinfection process will be easier and faster.

Corona in Brazil infects residents under the age of 60 as many as 31

Amari Watergate in Bangkok has decided to negate some of the decorations. Even with the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City taking off clothes hangers and extra linen, and pillows from their hotel rooms.

Dominated by Local Tourists

With travel restrictions that still apply in so many places, staycation is expected to still be done by local residents.

“More than 50 percent of the properties booked at Bookcing.com during March and April are still located in the area where the guest lives.

Customers will increasingly see flexible bookings to provide a sense of calm.”said Pepijn Rijvers. Senior Vice President of Accommodation Booking. com.

Japanese Discipline Successfully Corona Press Without Strict Policy

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