Unemployment Rate Expands Trump Urges Lockdown to Open in All of America

President Donald Trump urged the expansion of the lockdown opening in the United States because of an increase in unemployment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We did the right thing, but now is the time to move. You will destroy the country if you don’t do it (unlock lockdown).” Trump was quoted as saying by AFP on Thursday (5/21).

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Trump made the remarks before African-American leaders in Michigan, one of the key electoral districts.

He is also considered to use the issue of lockdown opening as an effort to bounce his name ahead of the general election in November.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths per day due to corona virus infection in the US is still increasing to 94 thousand people.

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The crisis due to the corona virus outbreak itself is estimated not to end in the near future. Because Russia and Latin America became the epicenter of the spread in recent times, like conditions in Asia before.

However, around 2.42 million Americans also lost their jobs last week. The US Department of Labor said the total number of people who lost their jobs. Since the lockdown was put into effect was 38.6 million.

Trump then made the urge to expand the lockdown opening on Thursday. When several regions in Europe began to live an ordinary life after the lockdown.

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Cyprus, for example, began to enter the second phase of the lockdown opening, namely stopping curfew, restaurants, salons, and the beach reopened to the public. However, airports and hotels in the Mediterranean region remain closed.

Denmark has also begun a normal life with the opening of museums and zoos since Wednesday. After the government declared the spread of the corona virus to abate.

By the summer, in the US itself many stores have begun to reopen, even the beaches also welcome tourists. Virginia Beach will also open before this weekend.

Corona Virus: European Union Preparing to Awaken Summer Tourism After Starting Normal

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